Tips For Tidying Items In Storage To Make It Tidier

The number of items at home is often a hassle. The limited room area sometimes makes us put things carelessly, the room becomes messy and unsightly. That’s why you need mini-storage price so that the room becomes more flexible.

– Minimalist wardrobe
You need to get in the habit of tidying up and organizing them. Don’t forget to provide a variety of special storage places that function as places to put things. But remember, you have to choose the right size so that the room doesn’t feel cramped.

– Grouping Items Based on Function
The first step you have to do is group the items based on their function. Put the items that have been grouped into certain places that you have prepared beforehand, for example, a collection of books, stationery & documents neatly arranged on the work desk, or other items according to the group.

– Make clothes neatly arranged in the wardrobe
You can arrange clothes according to the clothes model, for example, the first pile is the fold of the shirt, then the shirt, jacket or outer. This pile can still be separated again according to the priority scale you wear it. Likewise, for subordinates, you can separate shorts and trousers, then you can separate them again based on the material.

– Tidying up items in the bathroom with a portable shelf
Soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wash, scrubs, and bath care products should not be placed carelessly in the bathroom. You can put a portable shelf that is usually attached to the wall to put your things.

– Dressing table is neatly arranged
The skincare routine that you use every day doesn’t mess up your dressing table. Always make it a habit to put them neatly and immediately throw away the bottles of skincare routine products that are not used/used up.

– Put shoes and slippers outside the room
Shoes and slippers should be placed outside the room because they take up a lot of space. You can buy a small, 3-stacked shelf for placing shoes and sandals. You can also buy a shelf that hangs on the wall to store shoes/sandals, but consider the aesthetics of the room. Sometimes shelves like this spoil the beauty of the room.